Pack Events/News

Spring/Winter 2023: 


Day Camp: 

Ice Cream Social: 


Memorial Day Parade: 

May Pack Meeting:  Blue & Gold Ceremony 


April Pack Meeting: Cub Scout Olympics

Target Practice: Nerf Shooting & Bow and Arrow Shooting

Dead lift - who can last the longest? 

Egg & spoon relay race

Javalin throw (with a pool noodle)

Discus throw (with a paper plate) 

Wilton Town Clean UP 

Pack 22 is Continuing the Tradition of participating in the Wilton Town Clean up:  -  


March Pack Meeting @ WEPCO: Pine Wood Derby Races 

Lion Winners

Tiger Winners

Wolf Winners

Bear Winners


Pack Overall Winners 

Most Creative Winners from Each Den


February Pack Meeting: 

Police & Fire House Visity & Pinewood Build


Bear & Wolve Den Meeting

Making a Buzzer Game:  Bears and Wolves learn how electricty works

Bears Learn to Solder

Lion Den Meeting

January Pack Meeting @ WEPCO: Box Car Derby 

Pit Stop #1: Windshield Wipe

Pit Stop #2: Change Tires

Pit Stop #3: Photo Op

Pit Stop #4: Fuel Up

Danbury Hat Tricks Scout Night: Hockey & Ice Skating & Sleep Over

Winter/ Fall 2022: 


Due to Holidays and sickness this month is a month for rest for our Pack 


November Pack Meeting @ WEPCO

Cubs gathered to give to their community 

Donations went to the local Food Shelter

Cubs participated in a team work activity: "Feed the Turkey Obstacle course"  to deliver their donated items to the "turkey" box.  Each group contained different level cubs working together as Pack. 

Den Meeting: 

Wolves & Bears  learn to Sew 

In talking about the meaning of Thanksgiving and preparation for Thanksgiving Cubs sewed a pumpkin pie keychain pillow. 


October Pack Meeting: Bat House Build

Reciting the Scout Oath & Law

Completed Bat Houses

Bears & Webelos




Putting Roof on

Inserting Partition

Lions Completed Bat House

Building and Learning at same time!

Team Work!

Lions Completed Bat House

Building and Learning at same time!

Building and Learning at same time!

October Pack Meeting: Pumpkin Decorating

Cub Scouts Make a Pumpkin Dish 

Making their own dishes

Collecting the pumpkins!

Cubs eat what, enjoying what they made

Hoyt Campout 10/15-16

Learning how to tie Knots

Dot Structure - Can it support a book? Yes!

Going over Essentials before Hike

Practicing BB shooting


2022 Lime Rock Event Guide.pdf

Pack 22 Cub Mobile

Cub Mobile Races at Lime Rock Campout


Weir Farm: 9/25/22

Cubs Start their Fundraising for the Popcorn Sales - This continues from the start of September until October 15th